Open Source Projects I've Contributed To

Linux Kernel

V4L/DVB (5602): Enable DiSEqC in Starbox II (vp7021a)

This was my first ever Mainline Linux contribution! It was a simple patch un-commenting code, but I took the time to do the testing, and get the patch committed.

Add mesh point functionality to ath9k

This was my first major undertaking. I had just gotten AP mode working on my system with ath9k, and wanted to play with mesh mode. I only had one device at the time that worked, so I decided to attack enabling it in another driver.

mac80211: remove max_bandwidth

This is in preparation for allowing non standard width channels in mac80211/ath5k.


[PATCH v2] uvcvideo: Add DEV_RESET_ON_TIMEOUT Quirk

I have a Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP that is not properly supported. I took the initial work from Michel Stempin and converted it to be a 'Quirk' you can set on devices. I need to rebase this on the current uvcvideo driver and get it merged.

coLinux - Cooperative Linux


adds support for multiple interfaces, tested with ath9k

I did the preliminary work for OpenWrt to use the new nl80211 multiple VIF code. nbd polished it and merged it. This was for my D-Link Repeater as well.

ar71xx: ag71xx: Add netpoll support

For my D-Link Repeater, I was getting a segfault that syslog-ng wasn't catching over the remote logging, so I needed netconsole support. Unfortunately, ag71xx didn't support it. Now it does. Hopefully it makes it into mainline with the rest of the ar71xx platform code.


crda: rename nl_handle to nl_sock for libnl-2.0
Allow CRDA to use new libnl2

I added code to allow crda to work for both libnl-1.1 and libnl-2.0


[coreboot] [patch] inteltool - add ich6, 82915, and p4 6xx

This added support for the chipset in my laptop to intel tool, step 1 in getting coreboot running on it

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