Injecting git linux-nouveau into kernel 2.6.33


This assumes that your current directory is the target linux tree, and that your nouveau git tree is in /usr/src/linux-nouveau/

This has been tested with git tip e52068335e22e2325b2c8cbec3f9f0dfe530f039only

These commands move the appropriate files over

# Update to appropriate linux-nouveau commit
pushd /usr/src/linux-nouveau
git pull
git checkout e52068335e22e2325b2c8cbec3f9f0dfe530f039

# backup drm folders and replace
mv include/drm include/drm_orig
mv drivers/gpu/drm drivers/gpu/drm_orig
cp -av /usr/src/linux-nouveau/include/drm include/
cp -av /usr/src/linux-nouveau/drivers/gpu/drm drivers/gpu/

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