Audio Routing for work Desktop

The background

So at work, I have a desktop tower with a standard PCI soundcard (built into the motherboard, probably part of the chipset). The sound quality out of this is 'fine' for my daily use. On top of that, I have a usb sound card plugged into it (it was part of a nice looking usb hub I bought to give me usb ports on top of my desk). I have a mediocre pair of headphones that I plug into my phone, listen to music, then unplug from my phone and plug into the usb sound card when I need to take a hangouts call. This all works fine, but feels really inefficient. My goal is to simplify all of this using just alsa to setup stream routing for my use cases.

The Audio Sources (From the desktop's point of view)

The Audio Outputs

'Goal' Behaviors

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