D900T Coreboot Support


I have a Clevo D900T based p4 laptop which does not natively support the processor I've installed in it. Previously, I've used a Modified DSDT to solve this, but this is a kludge (at best), and only works for me under Linux. Even though Linux is the only OS I currently use, I'd still like to solve this a better way.

I figure, the best way to solve this is with a new bios. Unfortunately, Clevo/Alienware have not released a new bios for this card in years, so it's not likely one is going to pop up any time soon. I've decided to attempt to get Coreboot running on it.

The basic plan of action:

  1. Get inteltool to support p4 6xx/ich6/915P chipsets (./)

  2. Get flashrom working /!\ 1

  3. Add Motherboard Target to Coreboot {1}

  4. Add CPU Socket and Chip to Coreboot {1}

  5. Add Northbridge Support to Coreboot
  6. Add Southbridge Support to Coreboot
  7. Add Super I/O Chip Support to Coreboot
  8. Add EC Support to Motherboard Target in Coreboot
  9. Finish Motherboard Target



Code Created and Sent for Review


Code Cleaned and Sent for Inclustion

  1. It seems that, due to the way Embedded Controllers are handled in laptops, this may be a daunting task (1)

Chip Info

All details still unverified





P4 6301



Order at PacificGeek.com {Affiliate Link}







Super I/O

NSC PC87393F3


Embedded Controller



Flash Chip



AMD AM29F040B5


Clevo Bios Download


Alienware Bios Download

No Direct Link

Sager Bios Download

No Direct Link

  1. May work with P4 5xx or other P4 6xx series Cpus (1)

  2. ICH6 comes in 3 flavors: ICH6, ICH6-R, ICH6-M. ICH6 and ICH6-R are identical except ICH6-R has softraid built in. My system doesn't use the onboard SATA, so this doesn't matter to me, hence, I'm going with ICH6 (2)

  3. I believe, PC87393F, to be specific (3)

  4. Not Socketed (4)

  5. Going to piggyback this onto the Eon Chip for a Bios Backup Capability (5)

As we can see, I've amassed a good amount of data, just needing some verifications. Having a scrap mobo would be helpful, as cracking open the system to find this info out is not high on my priority list. In the mean time, I've e-mailed Clevo to see if they can provide some more insight.

Post Support

Part Number







Laptop 4 Digits POST Diagnostic Test Card PC Analyzer for MINI PCI Slot

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PCI/USB/Parallel Laptop 4-Digit Motherboard Analyzer/Diagnostic Test POST Card

Click Here{Affiliate Link}

I've ordered 2 POST cards for my laptop. Will Probably have to do some sort of hardware mod if I'm to use the Mini-PCI[1] post card. If the LPT[2] one works, I'll probably use that.

inteltool Support

This was the first thing I did. While I was getting a feel for the interactions of all the different parts of the mobo, I added the code to inteltool to detect my CPU, read it's MSRs, and to detect my North/South Bridges and read their MSRs. Commited upstream

Flash Chip Support

Before enabling flashrom for this board, I'm going to add a PLCC socket, possibly to the spot on the motherboard that looks like it was meant to hold a second flash chip, possibly piggybacked on top of the current PLCC flash, with a switch to select between the bios chip and socket. I ordered my socket, PLCC chip remover, and Chips from Grains BIOS Repair in the .eu. Paul was very helpful in my finding a compatible chip, even going so far as to add it to their site for me to order.

We'll see how quick shipping is:


2010-04-27@14:31 EST


2010-04-27@15:53 EST



Gigabyte Dual Bios Mod


More generic dual bios mod


The Glue to Hold it all Together, Mainboard Support

CPU/Socket Support

Northbridge Support

Southbridge Support

Super I/O Support

Embedded Controller Support

Hardware Wishlist

to get 100% support, I'd need:

P4 6x1

To test if the smaller process cpus can work with this system, and add support

Example: P4 651

Order at PacificGeek.com {Affiliate Link}

P4 6x2

To test VT tech on this system. Should be supportable, don't have HW to test

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